Call for Papers

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The universal appeal of cinema today offers increasing opportunities for reflection on the influences of the seventh art in society. Any serious consideration of the subject leads us to the conclusion that cinema is not merely an element of a vast entertainment industry, but that it is also an art form capable of shaping generations, and presenting alternative ways of seeing and being in the world. In addition, we must consider the influences it has exerted on historic, artistic and cultural expressions, on many occasions, resulting from perspectives offered by the cinéma d’auteur.

Looking at the questions raised by cinema in its diverse forms, from independent productions to the great blockbusters, the international congress Changing times: Performances and Identities on Screen, hosted by the American Studies research group at ULICES (University of Lisbon, Center for English Studies) will offer an interdisciplinary space of discussion for researchers, teachers, students, independent scholars and professionals associated with the cinema industry.

From Griffith to Eastwood, cinema has been considered one of the greatest artistic and emotional catalysts of all times. Therefore, this conference aims at generating a space for debate on how cinema projects realities on screen and how at the same time it questions the past, present and future, reflects and problematizes identities, nationalities and conventions, and generates illusion and talents. Lights, Camera, Action!

The conference will offer plenary lectures delivered by experts in their fields, parallel paper sessions, debates, roundtable discussions and workshops composed of professionals and academics. To enrich the conference experience, it is also our goal to generate synergies with relevant events and entities. The themes discussed will include, among others, the following topics:

  • Cinema and Literature
  • Cinema and Philosophy
  • Cinema and Psychoanalysis
  • Cinema and Technology
  • Cinema and other arts
  • Cities & Landscapes in Cinema
  • Film Studies
  • Genres
  • Identity and the Other
  • Nations, Homeland & Belonging
  • Performance and Reaction
  • Utopias, Science Fiction and alternative realities

Working languages: English and Portuguese

Papers: Suitable for delivery in 20 mins. (6-7 pages)

Abstracts can be submitted for:

a)    individual papers (max 200 words);

b)    proposals for themed panels with three related papers (panel leader will send 3 individual, 200-word abstracts);

c)    proposals for poster presentations (open to both undergraduate and graduate students).

Abstracts will not be considered unless accompanied by the following:

. full title of paper and/or panel;

. 200-word abstract;

. full name of author;

. institutional affiliation;

. individual e-mail address;

. brief bio (max. 5 lines).

Abstracts should be sent to:

Deadline for abstracts: 29 February 2012

Notification on the acceptance of abstracts: 2 April 2012

Early bird Enrollments (up to 31st July 2012)

General public: 100€

Students: 50€

Late Enrollments (after 1st August 2012)

General public: 120€

Students: 70€

N.B. 1) Enrollment is only considered valid after payment is made and confirmed; 2) all participants will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements.

3)    Undergraduate and post-graduate students must send proof of student status with their registration.